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Portfolio of Public Art

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1812 Bicentennial Peace Garden
476 Denter Street
Lewiston, NY 14092
(behind the historic Little Yellow House)


Sunshine Fountain
exterior garden of Transition Center
on campus of Hospice Buffalo


Divine Decadence, the Diva Series

Decorators Showhouse 05, a pierced bas relief interior/exterior sculpture fountain with figurative orientation embellished with lush enamels

2005 figurative copper sculpture 12' x 4' x 6'

Divine Decadence, the Diva Series

Divine Decadence, the Diva Series

Love Joy Gospel Church, commissioned world missionary cross executed in a primitive style

2005 copper and patina 8' x 5' x 2"

Havin' a Heat Wave

private residence, commissioned, interior, cascading, copper and enameled, cylindrical layered waterfall with a surrounding crown of enameled tropical blooms flowing into a pool with enameled flowers and other organic forms

2004 copper sculpture 7.5' x 6' x 3'

Spirit of the Hollow

Art on Wheels, Asa Ransom House site, public art, water-propelled combine sculpture

2003 mixed media, copper, steel, enamel, patina, and bicycle parts 13' x 12' x 4'


Oak Tree Inn, Lobby, Buffalo, folded, hammered, and welded copper wall relief with natural patina finish

2003 wall relief sculpture 3' x 8' x 2"

Water Lilies

Decorators Showhouse 03, Miller Mansion site, square pool with water lilies of enameled patinaed copper


enamel with copper

5' x 16' x 16'




Paradise in an exterior environment (right), with vines on the trellis and details of enameled and patinaed tropical flowers in the crown

2001 enamel on copper with patina 12' x 16' x 8'

Plantasia show piece (left), copper waterfall with  a crown of enameled flowers on a trellis embracing a pool of enameled water lilies and other natural organic forms


New Clarence Library, Clarence Center, commissioned, copper waterfall with simulated enamel book bindings topped by multiple bird baths

2000 enamel on copper with patina 8' x 10' x 6'


private residence, commissioned, hammered copper shelves welded to a copper pipe trunk-like armature with a center flower oozing water over organic shapes into a pool

1999 figurative copper sculpture 5.5' x 4' x 4'


Richard Michaels studio, public art, wall relief

1995 mixed media, copper, patina 4' x 6' x 3"



First Federal Savings Bank, Cleveland OH, commissioned, half-circle pond with environment of water lilies

1987 enamel on copper 20' x 8' x 6'


Allen-Hospital subway station, NFTA, public art enameled wall relief with poetry from the Latin Gallery

1985 porcelain enamel on steel tiles 8' x 30'

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