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Portfolio of Garden Jewels

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#1  Red Rose

4" diameter enamel on the 1812 Fountain
Peace Garden, Lewiston, New York

A singular rose can be attached to any length of stem.  Multiples can be commissioned.

#2  Plumes

6" high as seen on the Paradise Fountain (under Public Art)

Large patinaed metal leaves form a holder for the plume of plique d'jour diamond shaped flower.

Plique d'jour is French meaning the light of day, an enamel technique involving filling in cut holes in metal with procelain enamel stones so that the light enters and passes through creating a stained glass effect.  These can be ordered in multiples also.

#3  Plume (closeup)

View showing the range of colors as the daylight passes through the flower.

#4  Daffodil

14" high and 12" across

Daffodil flower is a jewel with its own stand.  Enameled in lilac tones and comes with a stand with a dark patina.

#5  Water Lily Flower
6" in height and 9" in diameter

Water Lilies in purple tones can be purchased separately or added to any sculpture.

#6  Free Form Flower with stand

This flower has blue tones of enamel at its base and orange tones as it moves upward. The pistols are enameled in blue and orange also. A very striking flower, comes with a stand with a dark patina. This flower can also be mounted on a wall.

#7  Tulip (closeup)
wall relief, 30" wide by 28" high

These floweres are enameled in shades of pinkish red with dark patinaed pistols for contrast.

#8  Leopard Orchid
14" high and 12" across

The Leopard Orchid comes with enameled waterlilies on a copper stand.

Wildness personified, leopard spotted petals with a red interior and bright aqua blue pistols.  The water lily petals complement the wild look

#9  Waterlily

3 tier, 9" in diameter
From the Diva Fountain, the flower has blue-purple shades of enamel on copper with a spiral red interior.  The flower itself is opaque but the leaves behind it are transparent.

#10  Waterlily

3 tier, opaque, 9" in diameter and 8" across

This flower is made with joined sections here in shades of pink and violet.  Patinaed lily pads lie behind the flower.

#11  Copper Spitter named Burst
8" high by 1' wide

A spitter allows the water from the fountain to come out in an interested pattern from the pump below.  The greenery is also patinaed copper in an organic circular shape with an inner heart shape.  The heart shape is filled with pebbles and the spitter comes out of the leaf pattern.

#12  Water Lily  (from Decorator's Showhouse)

Image size is 8" square

This image of a water lily has been "posterized" with a computer for graphic use.

#13  Variable Garden Jewels

2 1/2" to 6" diameter sizes available

The decorative jewel flowers can be incorporated into many landscapes, here they are shown on a rock wall. The flowers can be made in varying sizes and colors, also unenameled so the copper turns blue-green over time. These jewels can be a permanent feature of your garden left outside year round.
#14  Heart's Desire Sculpture (wall relief)

42" high by 34" wide

Hand formed copper with porcelain enameled garden jewels.
#15  Heart's Desire (close-up)

4" in diameter

Porcelain enamel heart. Porcelain enamel has a more delicate range of colors and is also used to color glass in glassblowing.

#16  Koi Standing Environment Sculpture

40" in height and 36" wide

This sculpture has procelain enameled hand formed Koi fish with patinaed and enameled water lilies in a circulating wire form. The Koi appear to be swimming in a circular fashion.  The flower is a three tier opaque water lily to complement the Koi.

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