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Portfolio of Fountains

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#1  Sunshine Fountain (part of the Hospice Fountain)

1' across and 9" high

This lotus copper spitter allows the fountain water to rise up in the air in a specific fashion.

#2  Oriental Spitter

32" diameter

This spitter's base is a hand-pounded copper bowl, diameter 32" with copper chimes and ivory colored orchids resting on the lip of the bowl.

#3  Orange Lover's Sculpture (aerial view)

24" across and 8" high

A copper hand formed bowl with a wide rim supports a center copper spitter and two orange/red enameled flowers that are encircled with aged copper wires.

#4  Paradise

14' high by 16'wide

Overview of sculpture in a garden environment. This sculpture has multiple spitters in a waterfall setting that is most spectacular.

#5  Paradise (closeup)

This view shows the water cascading into a triangular pond (part of the sculpture). The sides of the sculpture are overgrown with morning glories and cannas.  The nature of the overall sculpture is to create a growing environment.  The right side of the photo shows the growing structure with out growth.

#6  Pods Sculpture

4' tall x 9' wide

These pods appear as though they were growing up out of the ground. The pods are enameled copper formed shapes on thick copper tubing stalks.

#7  Sunshine Hospice Fountain (close-up)

The enameled roses and the spitter create a stream over the organic forms. The flowers are shades of red and orange enamel while the interior are yellow enamel showing an interesting contrast.
#8  Diva Sculpture

10' by 4' wide

This sculpture is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and shown here with the artist at Cooperstown Art Center.  The sculpture is constructed of welded copper wires and pipes and uses red enameled flowers.

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